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The Seder Night

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no credit Seder Night
The story of the Exodus must be told in a spontaneous manner, bursting out of the depths of the heart.
  • Concise and Innovative Insights on the Haggada for Your Seder
    Why do start the seder with "Ha Lachma Anya"? What is the Idea of not eating Chametz? Why do we scold the evil son, instead of welcoming him for coming?
  • Who is Mashiach Ben Yosef?
    There is a direct connection between Mashich Ben Yosef and Pesach, and that is why we read Haftara of the Atzamot Yeveshot of Yechezkel on Shabbat Chol Hamo'ed Pesach.
  • Stealing the Afikoman
    An innocent line in the gemara about "grabbing matzot at the Seder so children will stay awake", is open to 5 totally different explanations in the rishonim, where each one sees it as a springboard for his personal educational theory. Each of these chinuchi and psychological approaches will hopefully, not only keep our children at the seder, but also "on the derech" of Torah and Mitzvot, to stay religious for the rest of their lives. In addition to the Talmudic analysis, the she'ur includes humorous anecdotes and personal experiences, which were originally delivered at a Shabbat HaGadol Drasha.
  • The Way to Make Charoset
    Are there halachot of how to make charoset, or is the (approximate) final product the important thing?
  • The Content of Slavery and the Content of Kingdom
    The soul of a Jew is connected to the idea of malchut, of not being in need.
  • The Content of Slavery and the Content of Kingdom
    The Seder night is accompanied by songs of freedom, greatness, and malchut, which form a contrast to the situation we could have sunk into had we remained in Egypt, as permanent slaves in the “house of slaves.” We set an atmosphere of “All Jews are the sons of kings” (Shabbat 67a) and “are fit to be kings” (Horiyot 13a).
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