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  • What My Wife Cooks – I Eat!
    Two men arguing amongst themselves as to whether one should eat meat or dairy dishes on the night of Shavuot. As they heard the sound of Rabbi Eliyahu’s car approaching, they thought to themselves to ask Rabbi Eliyahu’s opinion on the matter.
  • The Second Giving of the Torah
    The giving of the Torah happens every year and if we merit we can achieve great things from these days.
  • Shavuot Torah Stats
    Some worthwhile facts to know for the upcoming Shavuot 2022 holiday
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    Shavuot Torah Stats
    Some worthwhile facts on the Torah world for the upcoming Shavuot 2022 holiday
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    When Shavuot Occurs After Shabbat
    A short summary of the Halachot regarding when Shavuot Occurs on Motzei Shabbat
  • How To Truly Be Free
    Shavuot and Pesach are connected by the Omer counting period, which leads up to the Receiving of the Torah. This holy day should be utilized for Torah study to the best of one's ability.
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    Hakdama to Akdamot
    What does the reading of Akdamot symbolize to us after staying up the whole night learning?
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    The True Value of Torah
    Everything which we learn, we learn because the Almighty commanded us to do so, and it gives vitality to all of creation.
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    A Real Jewish Princess
    What does the princess do when her beloved king goes on a journey and doesn't come back? A magical parable about Shavuot.
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