parshat Va'era

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Beyond the 4 AmotThe Land Brings It All Together
A short video connectecting the land of Israel to the Parasha.
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    Trusting in Hashem
    A Critical Midrash, Trust in God. A Long-Range Perspective, Silver Linings, The True Test.
  • What Comes Before the Land?
    A basic precondition for understanding both the situation in which the Israelites found themselves on the eve of the Exodus, and our situation today, is to remember the following words of the Sages: "Like the first redeemer (Moshe), so will be the last redeemer (Mashiach)" (Midrash Kohelet Rabba 1,28). That is, there are basic similarities between our situation in Egypt and ours today, during the final Geula.
  • Public Pressure
    It is difficult to understand the attitude in Moshe's statement to Heaven that it had not yet freed the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage. Moshe certainly realized that Heaven was aware of the promises.
  • Freewill
    If God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, then it was God who made Pharaoh refuse to let the Israelites go, not Pharaoh himself. How can this be just?
  • Wonder of Wonders
    for whom were these plagues/miracles done? Was it to bring Egypt to its knees, punishment for the inhuman way they mistreated us during 117 years of slavery? Was it to show Paro who really is boss? Was it to strengthen & energize Bnei Yisrael, after so many years of our being downtrodden?
  • Seeing Is Believing
    It's all to easy to go through life without actually seeing what is all around us.
  • Yesterday and the Day Before
    The Exodus from Egypt was a complex and difficult operation, requiring two goals: 1) Convincing Bnei Yisrael that it was going to occur and getting them to the level at which they would be worthy of it. 2) Convincing Paroh to set the people free or force him to do so.
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