parshat Tzav

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beyond the 4 amotTemple Sacrifices Today!
A short video connecting the Parasha to the land of Israel
  • Temple Sacrifices Today!
    discussing the relevance of the Temple sacrifices in our time - how past sacrificial offerings contribute to today's rebuilding of Jerusalem, and how learning about sacrifices today will serve us in the future.
  • The Courage of Identity Crises
    Good leaders know their own limits. They do not try to do it all themselves. They build teams. But learning your limits, knowing there are things you cannot do can be a painful experience.
  • Tzav – An Officer's Command
    The verb that is used is one of strength. Just as in a well-disciplined army, an officer's commands are fulfilled to be able to execute grand strategies, so, too, in Jewish life. The only way that the great strategy of connection with the Creator, living a holy life and being a kingdom of priests and a holy nation can be fulfilled is by obeying and observing commandments.
  • Temple Sacrifices Today!
    The Medrash says that the Olat Hatamid sacrifice drives the rebuilding of Jerusalem today. What is so special in this sacrifice.
  • שיג ושיח
    Left- and Right-Brain Judaism
    A shiur by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks for the weekly portion "Tzav".
  • The Ability to Give In – part II
    Last week we started to discuss why Yonadav, the son of David’s brother Shama, was willing to advise and encourage David’s oldest son, Amnon, to rape his half-sister. We showed how Shama and David’s other two oldest brothers were unwilling to accept the fairness of their younger brother David having been chosen over them for the kingship. The “debt was paid” with Yonadav’s involvement in creating a stumbling block to the development of David’s dynasty. We will continue developing the story along these lines.
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