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Jewish Holidays
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  • 5. Bonfires on Lag Ba-omer
    For hundreds of years, there has been a custom to light a large bonfire near R. Shimon bar Yoĥai’s grave on Mount Meron, in honor of his hilula.
  • 4. R. Akiva
    Hidden within the hilula celebration of Lag Ba-omer is another memorial: a memorial for the greatest expositor of the Oral Torah, the wondrous Tanna, R. Akiva, one of whose five greatest disciples was R. Shimon bar Yohai.
  • 3. The Personality of R. Shimon bar Yohai
    Before we elaborate on the customs of the hilula, we will briefly discuss the unique character of R. Shimon bar Yoĥai and his mentor, R. Akiva.
  • 2. The Hilula of R. Shimon bar Yohai
    Many people have a custom to spend Lag Ba-omer on Mount Meron, where R. Shimon bar Yoĥai (Rashbi) and his son, R. Elazar, are buried.
  • The loss of the world as we knew it
    When the Holy Temple was destroyed, the loss was of a whole way of life.
  • The Revelation at Sinai - the War with Gaza
    As one man with one heart, that is how we received the Torah and how we face our enemies.
  • The custom of dairy products on Shavuot
    There is something special when it comes to customs. Sometimes their effect is stronger than that of mitzvot.
  • It's not about me
    Why don't we ask forgiveness for our personal sins on Rosh Hashana if it is the Day of Judgment?
  • 1. Lag Ba-omer
    It is customary to rejoice somewhat on Lag Ba-omer. Even though we observe some customs of mourning during the omer period, nevertheless, one may sing and dance on Lag Ba-omer.
  • 14. Yom Ha-Sho’a: Holocaust Remembrance Day
    Unlike Yom Ha-zikaron, to which the Chief Rabbinate consented, the Torah sages at the time objected to the establishment of this Remembrance Day (commonly known as Yom Ha-Sho’a) on the 27th of Nisan.
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