Jerusalem Day

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Jerusalem Day
Jerusalem Day in
  • “Our eyes and hearts are always directed towards Jerusalem.”
    Not only is the amidah directed toward Jerusalem, but the whole prayer service is too, even when we are not facing Jerusalem.
  • לפיכך אנו חייבים להודות ולהלל
    Jerusalem Day's Moral
    The Six-Day War caused a great spiritual awakening among Jews. This awakening proved that Zionism had not finished its task.
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    Some Stones Are Hearts
    The Western Wall looks simply like a block of rocks. One must look with penetrating eyes to sense what it really expresses.
  • Something to Stand Up For
    It is not a coincidence that Jerusalem Day falls on the eve of the Torah reading of Bemidbar.
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    Yerushalayim and the Desert's Unification
    What does the desert have to do with Yom Yerushalayim? And what is in common between Heavenly Jerusalem, the community of Israel & Sefirat Ha’omer?
  • חומות ירושלים
    The Crowns of Jerusalem
    Jerusalem’s eminence stems from its being the city of the Holy Temple, the home of the kingdom of Israel, and the Torah center of the world.
  • ריקוד דגלים בכותל
    Jerusalem's Liberation Diary
    Selections from Rabbi Shlomo Goren's diary telling the story of Jerusalem's liberation.
  • Yom Yerushalayim: First Kingdom, Then Temple
    Let us discuss, once again, the connection between the Torah aspects of Jewish life, and the national aspects thereof – expressed only in an independent Jewish state. This topic can be intriguingly analyzed in terms of the actions of the founders of the first Jewish commonwealth, Kings David and Shlomo, father and son.
  • Dreams Of The Kotel
    I don’t know what the medical name for it IS, but as I stood at the Kotel, my heart began to beat rapidly & my mind went blank.
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