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Welcome to the Bet El Yeshiva book shop.
Following is a catalog of books which can be ordered through the Yeshiva. You can read some of them on the site free of charge.
Notice! Some of the books are cheaper if bought through the internet, than through direct marketing.
Note that books are in Hebrew.

To order books - Phone: +972-2-9709588 or Fax: +972-2-9974603 or click here.

* Prices do not include shipping & handling, unless otherwise indicated.
* Shipping & handling reffered to are in Israel.

Lazman Velasha
Price: 12 NIS
Lazman Velasha'a
Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed
Gathered articles on current times written or said bby Rabbi Zlaman Baruch Melamed Shlit"a, reinforcing the individual and the public in the light of Hashem's redemption.

Book is in Hebrew.