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Welcome to the Bet El Yeshiva disc reservior.
To order CDs - contact ordering center at phone no.: +972-3-6395559 or click here.
Notice: some of the CDs are available cheaper through the site than through other places.
Note that CDs contain Hebrew Shiurim.

* Prices do not include shipping & handling, unless otherwise indicated.
* Shipping & handling reffered to are in Israel.

Watch & Listen Purim
Price: 25 NIS
Watch & Listen Purim
62 Shiurim on happiness and Purim, in written, audio and video format. MP3 compatible. Includes a punctuated Megilat Esther for printout. Shiurim by Rabbi Avraham Shapira, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, Rabbi Shlomo Fisher, Rabbi Zalman Melamed and others.
An original and refreshing Mishloach Manot.

Shiurim on CD are in Hebrew.