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Welcome to the Bet El Yeshiva disc reservior.
To order CDs - contact ordering center at phone no.: +972-3-6395559 or click here.
Notice: some of the CDs are available cheaper through the site than through other places.
Note that CDs contain Hebrew Shiurim.

* Prices do not include shipping & handling, unless otherwise indicated.
* Shipping & handling reffered to are in Israel.

Personality Development & Self Awareness
Price: 25 NIS
Personality Development & Self Awareness
- A series of Shiurim to hear or read about personality development according to Messilat Yesharim by Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed shilt"a.
- A workshop to becoming familiar with the structure of, and how to correct ones Midot, in video, audio and written form by Rabbi Moshe Berliner, Chairman of Machon Netivot and veteran family consultant.

Shiurim on CD are in Hebrew.