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The Importance of Wisdom in Mundane Matters

(condensed from Ein Ayah, Berachot 5:92)

מתוך העלון חמדת ימים

Great is wisdom, for which reason it is discussed at the beginning of the blessings about mundane matters.

Ein Ayah:
The essence of wisdom is to use everything, even lowly things, for a noble purpose. When involved in lofty matters of sanctity, it is not difficult for even an average person to focus on spiritual improvement. However, when involved in mundane matters, it takes a healthy level of wisdom to be able to focus on their spiritual value. This requires a "wise person who sees that which is to come in the future." This is what the pasuk exhorts one to do: "In all your ways, know Him" (Mishlei 3:6), which is an idea to which all of the Torah is connected (Berachot 63a). This is also related to the idea of "all of your actions should be for the sake of Heaven," about which the Rambam commented that philosophers discussed it a lot but still did not complete the discussion.

For this reason, when one begins the blessings of Shemoneh Esrei that relate to mundane matters, as one who leaves the holy to enter mundane activities, he must pray for the wisdom to enable even those matters to be connected to sanctity.

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