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    Articles about Shavuot

    How To Truly Be Free

    Shavuot and Pesach are connected by the Omer counting period, which leads up to the Receiving of the Torah. This holy day should be utilized for Torah study to the best of one's ability.

    Rabbi Mishael Dahan, ztvk”l | Sivan 4 5782
    Having Faith in Hashem

    Pure Faith, Intellectual Faith

    The relationship between the simplicity of faith and intellectual analysis

    Rabbi Mishael Dahan, ztvk”l | Kislev 8 5782
    Marriage and Relationships


    Populating the planet and maintaining the chain of generations. These acts are grounded in the first Torah precept given to us by the Almighty in His holy Torah - the commandment to “be fruitful and multiply.” The entire Torah hinges upon this.

    Rabbi Mishael Dahan, ztvk”l | 5769
    Jewish Thought


    The Almighty created all physical beings under the sun from four elements - fire, wind, water, and earth. When these elements are in a state of equilibrium the body is healthy. When not, the body is thrown out of kilter both physically and mentally.

    Rabbi Mishael Dahan, ztvk”l | 5769


    Being humble benefits the health. A person who pursues prestige destroys his health and ends up dying prematurely, for his life is nothing but misery and bitterness, anger and irritation. “Whoever seeks out honor, honor flees from him” (Eruvin 13b).

    Rabbi Mishael Dahan, ztvk”l | 5769
    Yom Kippur

    Yom Kippur

    Our sages teach: “If a person says, 'I will sin and Yom Kippur will atone,' Yom Kippur does not atone” (Yoma 85b). In this statement, they wish to underscore the fact that Yom Kippur is like a remedy for the sick and suffering soul. It can heal.

    Rabbi Mishael Dahan, ztvk”l | 5765
    Personality Development


    Everybody knows that falsehood, by its very nature, is fleeting; it has no enduring substance. Hence the sages teach: “Truth endures, falsehood does not” (Shabbat 104b). In the end, the truth alone will emerge victorious.

    Rabbi Mishael Dahan, ztvk”l | 5764
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