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    Klal Yisra'el

    Try This at Home: Two Proven Methods to Increase Love of G-d

    Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira | 8 Elul 5783
    The Seventh Day of Pesach

    Splitting of the Sea on Independence Day

    According to Ben Zoma – whose ruling we accept, in that we mention the Exodus every night when we say Kriyat Sh'ma – we will not speak of the Exodus at all during the times of the Messiah. And even according to the Sages, though it will be mentioned, it will be clearly secondary. This raises a strong question: Did the Haggadah include this dispute simply in order to detract from the importance of the Exodus after the Mashiach comes?! We are all seated around the festive Seder table - is that the time to minimize the importance of out miraculous departure from Egypt?! The answer is that the opposite is true...

    Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira | Nissan 20 5782
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