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    Various Shiurim

    Temporary Townsmen and Walled-City Dwellers on Purim

    The sages instituted a number of days for the reading of the Scroll of Ester. The Mishnah introduces the novel concept that there are situations in which a walled-city dweller reads on the fourteenth and a townsman reads on the fifteenth.

    Rabbi Chaim Katz | Adar 2 5768
    The Nation of Israel

    “Who Lovingly Chooses His Nation Israel”

    God “lovingly chooses His nation Israel.” Love implies a bond. God's choosing Israel is the bond by which He ties them to Him - via the Torah. The Torah and its study serve to create a bond between Israel and God, and this bond is reciprocal in nature.

    Rabbi Chaim Katz | 5764
    IDF Memorial Day

    “I Shall Be Sanctified”

    The students of Rabbi Akiva are aware that there is an obligation to give one's life in a time of religious persecution, but they are surprised at the fact that Rabbi Akiva fulfills the commandment of “Shema” even while being tortured to death.

    Rabbi Chaim Katz | 5765
    Subjects of Jewish Thougts

    Love Your Neighbor as Yourself – Unity and Uniqueness

    We all possess something in common with Adam. Adam contained within himself all of his offspring. Still, he was created as an individual and the world was created for him alone. Exclusiveness and unity find expression in each of his descendants.

    Rabbi Chaim Katz
    Various Shiurim

    "Motzie Shem Rah" - A Dissertation on Slander

    The opening Mishna of tractate Sanhedrin states: A slanderer [is judged] by three - these are the words of R. Meir; the Sages say, a slanderer [is judged] by twenty-three, because such [an offense] involves capital punishment.

    Rabbi Chaim Katz | 5763
    Subjects of Jewish Thougts

    What is this human being doing here?

    Human beings, capable of ascending to a level higher than that of angels, are worthy of enjoying the shelter of the Clouds of Glory, clouds which offer supernatural protection. Being under these clouds is like taking shelter "under God's wings."

    Rabbi Chaim Katz | heshvan 5755
    Subjects of Jewish Thougts

    The Flight from Transgression

    Torah Leads to Caution

    The Sages are well aware that a mere gaze can eventually lead to promiscuity. A wise person keeps his eyes to himself and knows better than to put himself into a situation which will demand overcoming his baser drives.

    Rabbi Chaim Katz | 7 Sivan, 5754
    The Laws of Three Weeks

    "And Zion said, 'God Has Abandoned Me!'"

    It is forbidden to use arrogance in a contemptuous manner, placing oneself above others, yet there are certain situations in which one has to be bold, not reserved, and to know one's self-worth. Our sages teach that in the generation of the messiah chutzpah will abound.

    Rabbi Chaim Katz | tamuz 5755

    The Makings of a Leader

    The Command, Stark Contrast, Back to our Story, A Universal Expectation.

    Rabbi Chaim Katz | יא אדר ה'תשנ"ד
    The Month of Elul

    Repentance And Yom Hakipurim - A New Existence

    Slichot has a unique order of prayer. After sin the world is created afresh with the potential of global tschuva. Global tschuva necessitates a special tfillah. Yom Hakippurim is connected to a unique tschuva and the creation of a new world.

    Rabbi Chaim Katz | Elul 5754
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