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    Rosh Hashana

    Fear Leading to Bursting Joy

    Rabbi Yechezkel Frenkel | 28 Elul 5783

    Brit Milah: It's OK for Gentiles Not to Understand

    ...The Jew has always been something of a mystery to the non-Jews; they have never really understood us or what majkes us tick. This is especially true regarding the mitzvah of circumcision (brit milah) - and this does not bother us. The non-Jew is not bound by this mitzvah, and he has no need, or ability, to comprehend it...

    Rabbi Yechezkel Frenkel | Nissan 29 5783

    Vengeance as the Foundation of the Nation and Faith

    'Vengeance' - an important but misunderstood concept - is relevant not only to the recent Purim holiday, but also to this week's Torah portion of Tzav (Lev. Chapters 6-8), which discusses laws and procedures of sacrificial offerings...

    Rabbi Yechezkel Frenkel | Nissan 9 5783

    The Source of Jewish Strength

    "What is the source of Jewish strength? Let us be clear that we're not talking about military prowess, strong abilities in various fields, charisma, or even the strength to endure difficulties. Jewish power is of a totally different nature. It has a bit of all the above, but it also has an extra element, something wondrous and different – even bordering on a craziness..."

    Rabbi Yechezkel Frenkel | Adar II 29 5782

    What Comes Before the Land?

    A basic precondition for understanding both the situation in which the Israelites found themselves on the eve of the Exodus, and our situation today, is to remember the following words of the Sages: "Like the first redeemer (Moshe), so will be the last redeemer (Mashiach)" (Midrash Kohelet Rabba 1,28). That is, there are basic similarities between our situation in Egypt and ours today, during the final Geula.

    Rabbi Yechezkel Frenkel | Tevet 27 5782
    The Laws of Three Weeks

    On Memory and Disengagement

    One disengagement leads to another, and those who disengage themselves from the past cannot bring us to our true future. Perhaps they can bring us to a Swedish or Luxembourgian version of the future, but not to the real destiny of the Jewish people.

    Rabbi Yechezkel Frenkel | 5754
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