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    Subjects of Jewish Thougts

    How can I trust the transmission of the Torah?

    Our faith is based on 600,000 adult males who saw with their own eyes and experienced receiving the Torah at Sinai, and transmitted this to the generations afterwards. Why shouldn't we say that, just like other people had folklore and legends that they believed, we also had such tales throughout the period of the Judges and First Temple, and that at the time of Ezra the Scribe, he gathered them all together into one book that we now call the Torah? After all, the Talmud says that during his time, parts of the Torah were forgotten and he reinstated them.

    Rabbi Elyashiv Kafka | Kislev 15 5783
    Subjects of Jewish Thougts

    How Can I Trust the Truth of Sinai?

    How do we know that Moshe Rabbeinu did not do some kind of magic of lights and pyrotechnics that caused the nation to believe that that's what happened?

    Rabbi Elyashiv Kafka | Kislev 8 5783
    Additional Lessons

    Yom Ha'Atzmaut - A Holy Day?

    Our independence day is a happy day, but is it a holy day? We established a state but why do we see it as a day of some special spirtual event?

    Rabbi Elyashiv Kafka | Nissan 29 5781
    The Book of Kuzari

    How Can We Know That There Exist Desirable Deeds?

    Translated by Sharona Eshet-Kohen

    Questions & Answers about the begining of the Kuzari - the Philosopher.

    Rabbi Elyashiv Kafka | Adar 2 5781
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