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    Hot Ice Cream - Leadership 4

    What happens when your biggest competition is about to incur a lot of losses? Are you happy or do you help? Watch this incredible story of how a company reacted to its competition's crisis.

    Rabbi Yoel Gold | Kislev 12 5780
    4 min

    Response Ability - Leadership 3

    Mrs. Eva Neuman showed incredible inner strength on the death march in 1944 teaching us an invaluable lesson in leadership and responsibility.

    Rabbi Yoel Gold | Kislev 5 5780
    4 min

    The Missing Yarmulka - Leadership 2

    When Boruch before going to his first interview was asked to take off his yarmulka and fit in. As a result of this story, he learned a very valuable lesson about leadership.

    Rabbi Yoel Gold | Cheshvan 28
    5 min
    Path to Leadership

    Bill Gates & Shabbos - Leadership 1

    A video about the renowned speaker and author Kivi Bernhard, sharing his experiences with Microsoft and Bill Gates.

    Rabbi Yoel Gold | Cheshvan 21 5780
    35 min
    Ein Aya

    Prime Ministers are People Too!

    Ein Aya Shabat Chapter B Paragraph 54

    Public figures tend to forget that they are also private individuals and responsible for even the smallest of their actions.

    Rabbi Ari Shvat | Shvat 26 5775
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