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    Silence And Solitude

    Positive role models can only take us so far in our search for maturity. How do we step into the shoes of our mentors and become role models for others?

    Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair | Kislev 13 5782
    4 min

    The Importance of Purchasing Property in Israel

    Beyond the 4 Amot

    In this week's Torah reading of "Vayishlach", Ya'akov settles the land and purchases the land where he settled. Why was that so important, and what can we learn from it?

    Baruch Gordon | Kislev 15 5780
    5 min
    Family & the Parsha

    Part of the Family

    Ya'akov shows gratitude to his mother's wet nurse by including her in his family to aid her in her elderly state.

    Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein | kislev 10 5772
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