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    Heter Mechira

    The Heter Mechirah Controversy

    What is heter mechirah? Is this any different from selling one’s Chometz for Pesach?

    Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff | Elul 11 5781

    The Haredi Boycott of Heter Mechira Fruits is Unsustainable

    The only logical explanation for the fierceness of haredi opposition to the heter mechira is that they associate it with Zionism

    Rabbi Eliezer Melamed | Tamuz 8 5775

    The History of the Heter Mechira

    The heter mechira came about in the first shmitta year, 5649 (1888), after thousands of years in exile. Some opposing poskim changed their positions when they saw how urgent the situation was. Anti-Zionism caused more opposition.

    Rabbi Eliezer Melamed | Tamuz 1 5775

    "Do Not Give Them a Resting Place in the Land"

    Does the biblical prohibition in the title of the article contradict the application of heter mechira (selling land temporarily to a non-Jew during the shmitta year).

    Rabbi Eliezer Melamed | Sivan 10 5775
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