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    IDF Memorial Day

    A Tale of Two Fathers

    After his first Shabbos ends with an unspeakable tragedy, Shimon Ilan’s resilience & faith paves the way for an unexpected friendship and inspires Yaakov Shwekey’s latest hit song Ein Davar Ra.

    Rabbi Yoel Gold | Iyar 8 5782
    3 min
    IDF Memorial Day

    Heroes Of Israel Day

    What did The Rebbe of Lubavitch say to the soldiers who were injured in their duty in the IDF? And what is the right attitude towards this day?

    Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu | Iyar 2 5782
    52 min
    Coping with Difficulties

    Rav Kook on Why Are There So Many Wars in the Process of Geula

    Appreciating the Altruism of the IDF

    The young State of Israel has seen so many wars, and the question is: We would have thought that the redemptive process of Y'mot HaMashiach would include gradually having more and more peace! We shouldn't be surprised because the prophets teach us that Milchamot Gog u'Magog, where the nations try and take away the Land of Israel, is part of the plan, but why? Rav Kook relates to the Godly altruism and unity which inevitably are part of war, not only on the battle field but where all Jews especially help each other, more than usual. The class deals with the innocent and righteous who are killed in war, and the special status of the non-religious soldiers in their especially unique altruism.

    Rabbi Ari Shvat | Nissan 29 5780
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