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    Richard Branson and The Ultimate Joy Ride

    It's easy to think of life as a trip through a treasure-house of experiences. Climbing Everest. Flying around the world in eighty days, or to the edge of space. The truth is that all the pleasures, all the experiences of this world, are given to us for one reason only: that we might sense to the smallest degree, the taste of life itself. But what is life itself if not our experiences in it?

    Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair | Av 4 5781
    3 min
    The Ninth of Av

    Tragedy in Miami

    When tragedy strikes, each one of us must make an accounting.

    Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair | Tammuz 20 5781
    3 min
    Various Events

    Who Really Should Have Won The Israeli Elections

    Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair | Tammuz 5 5781
    44 min
    Current Events

    How Do I Know That Religious Zionism is Correct

    How do we know that the way of the Religious Zionism is right? A study of several sources to answer this dilemma.

    Rabbi Ari Shvat | Tevet 29 5781
    36 min
    The Coronavirus Pandemic

    What Should We "Take Home" from the Corona Crisis?

    We obviously can't understand how God runs the world. On the other hand, the questions, ramifications, and thoughts that inevitably arise out of our Godly intelligence and curiosity, in such an extreme and rare world crisis, are surely part (!) of what is meant to preoccupy us. Rather than seeing this as a "punishment" of an angry god, which is more fitting for a childish or pagan world-view, we believe that our loving Father works through sending us "educational lessons" or challenges, which build us and help us notice problems or shortcomings in our current routine. These 20+ social, familial, religious, universal, national, and Zionist outcomes, are surely meant to be noticed, to reap the benefits of "Gam zu l'tova!", "all God does is for the best!"

    Rabbi Ari Shvat | Iyar 16 5780
    52 min
    Coping with Difficulties

    Rav Kook on Why Are There So Many Wars in the Process of Geula

    Appreciating the Altruism of the IDF

    The young State of Israel has seen so many wars, and the question is: We would have thought that the redemptive process of Y'mot HaMashiach would include gradually having more and more peace! We shouldn't be surprised because the prophets teach us that Milchamot Gog u'Magog, where the nations try and take away the Land of Israel, is part of the plan, but why? Rav Kook relates to the Godly altruism and unity which inevitably are part of war, not only on the battle field but where all Jews especially help each other, more than usual. The class deals with the innocent and righteous who are killed in war, and the special status of the non-religious soldiers in their especially unique altruism.

    Rabbi Ari Shvat | Nissan 29 5780
    10 min
    Coping with Difficulties

    The Right Perspective

    Our eyes, our point of view, our leaders in believing. A Holocaust survivor's choice of faith, story of Rabbi Akiva and the foxes, the different meanings of the words for seeing in Hebrew, using Shabbat as the time to gain perspective.

    Rabbi Meir Goldwicht
    46 min
    Texts of Jewish Thought

    Rav Kook’s Understanding of Secular Zionism - Part I

    Rav Kook, Ma'amar HaDor 1

    In “Ma’amar HaDor”, this most classic and eye-opening work, Rav Kook explains why the rebellion of the chalutzim (Zionist pioneers) and the secular world against religion, was not only foreseen by the prophets and Mishna, but inevitably, this rebellion is part of God’s program for national, universal and religious redemption, and even beneficial!

    Rabbi Ari Shvat | 24 Shvat 5769
    42 min
    Texts of Jewish Thought

    Rav Kook’s Understanding of Secular Zionism - Part II

    Rav Kook, Ma'amar HaDor 2

    Rav Kook adds important additional points regarding the eventual benefit of the rebellion against religion, mainly that it forces us to rediscover the depths and the beauty of the “broad Torah”. Since leaving the ghetto, the Torah must compete with other appealing and dynamic ideologies. Yeshivot can no longer just teach Talmud, but must rediscover Tanach, ethics, philosophy, hassidut, kabbala, and Zionism.

    Rabbi Ari Shvat | 2 Adar 5769
    Coping with Difficulties

    Gush Katif and Gaza Strip

    Rabbi Sholom Gold | Nisan 5765
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