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    Bemare Habazak - Rabbis Questions

    Giving Away Orla Fruit

    I have a tree in its second year, so that its fruit is orla. Can I suggest to my non-Jewish worker to take it?

    Rabbi Daniel Mann | Tevet 17 5782
    Orla and Counting the Tree's Years

    What is a Tree?

    Eggplants grow on a woody stem. Does this make the eggplant a tree and prohibit the fruit that grows during its first three years as orlah or not? What is the correct beracha to recite when smelling carnations, lilies, or mint? What is the correct beracha to recite before eating papaya, cane sugar, or raspberries? May someone plant tomatoes in his vineyard in Eretz Yisroel?

    Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff | Iyar 23 5781

    More on Orlah

    I transplanted a cherry tree in order to sell the wood I see that many cherries have grown on the tree. Are they prohibited as orlah? A sabra tree plantad as a natural border fence for his property, and placed a sign telling people not to help themselves to the fruit. Is there an orlah prohibition on the fruit? If I plant trees for wood, do I need to keep track of which year I plant the tree, due to orlah concerns?

    Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff | Iyar 10 5781
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