We're Not Out to Produce 'Space Cadets'

Rav Kook: Pragmatism & Ideology Don't Conflict

Some yeshivot see the ideal Jew as a "space cadet" in his idealistic dream-land, and yeshiva learning as a separation from the world. Contrarily, Rav Kook brings many proofs showing that the original Judaism, before being warped by exile, saw the ideal as practical pragmatism & the importance of learning Torah as united with "living the Torah". Being part of a Jewish society to fix all aspects of the world to implement a Living Torah & her ideals. He explains the halacha that one should pray where there are windows to show that our prayers, as the Torah, should be connected with the outside world. Even R. Shimon bar Yochai learned 12 years in the cave, 1st in order to analyze, & then to plan Jewish leadership to pragmatically fix society.

Rabbi Ari Shvat | Nissan 25 5781