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Lessons of the Holocaust

The solution to the anti-Semitism will come when all the Jews immigrate to The Land of Israel.


Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed

Nisan 5753
In order to learn a lesson from, the horrific Holocaust, one has to understand the Nazi anti-semitism. Throughout the generations, the Jewish nation was persecuted by different nations all with the intent of having the Jews abandon their religion. This was the ambition of the Christians, this was what they hoped for during the days of the Inquisition and this was the Muslim ambition. Not so the Nazis, they did not regard the Jews only as a religion but as a race of a certain nature that cannot be altered. The Nazi reasoning held that the Jewish race bears a power that endangers the entire world, being as the intention of the Jews is to dominate the world. The Nazis claimed the Jews were taking over the economy, the country money and were controlling the political system. Despite their differences both the Jewish multi-millionaires and the famous revolutionists, had one goal in mind: Conquering the world. The Nazis charged the Jews of being parasites and manipulators, and symbolized ceaseless destruction. This was Hitler's point of view; He declared the Jews cannot assimilate amongst other nations, because the only way to be a German is to suppress the Jewish character - which is impossible. A Jewish imposter, who passes-himself-off as a non-Jew pollutes the Ari and pure German blood.

This savage point of view inevitably resulted in the desire to destroy our nation. We remember other governors who wished to destroy the Jewish nation. They only wished to destroy but never performed any significant move, the Nazis not only wished but also carried out their wish.

The Nazi attitude may seem senseless and totally incomprehensible, but even so we cannot ignore it or regard it as an exception that will never repeat itself. This incomprehensible thing happened, with disastrous results, we cannot hope it will never reoccur - we must take all the possible measures so as to ensure that the Holocaust does not repeat itself.

Anti-Semitism is an unfortunate reality. There is envy and hate for the Jews wherever they may be, in the Land of Israel or in the Diaspora. In the present situation the Jews abroad are wealthy and successful, but there is a problem; On the one hand they act as part of the country they live in, whereas, on the other hand they feel different than all the other citizens - a separate nation. This situation does not justify anti-Semitism but it still causes a certain level of alienation. The Diaspora Jews split their loyalty between their own nation and the one they live amongst. Furthermore, these Jews have the possibility of immigrating to Israel and not having to suffer from the unfortunate alienation.

The solution therefore is inevitable: So as to prevent the anti-Semitism in the Diaspora, the Diaspora Jews must immigrate to Israel. The immigration will also solve the problems of the state of Israel; The State will become stronger and will be able to cope with the anti-Semitism, till the complete restoration of the Jewish Nation.

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