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קטגוריה משנית
To dedicate this lesson
Recipient: The Association for the Purchase of Land in Eretz Yisrael, Bialystok. [In Hemdat Yamim, Bechukotai 5784, we translated the letter that describes the land (in present-day Jordan).]

Body: [Rav Kook answered the association’s questions, one by one.]

A. Presently it is possible to buy the land only in the name of Ottoman citizens, certainly not Russian Jews. However, this law in no way prevents our safely settling the land. One buys the land in the name of a trustworthy Ottoman citizen, who makes certified deeds naming the real owners. This system works without any [need for] fear.

B. Your representatives do not have to bring all the money with them. The whole sum should be deposited in a safe place, so that it will be available when needed, i.e., when the whole transaction is formally approved. Certainly, you would have to pay enough money to cover the necessary preparatory steps, which we will specify in the next letter, as the representatives prepare to ascent to the Holy Land.

C. The sellers live on their land. They are rich people; one is Arab, and one is French. They are selling their property here because they plan to move to another land. They are reputedly upright people, but their moral status is inconsequential, because we will not put any trust in them. All the money will be deposited in a bank in the safest manner, until the last step to protect the transaction’s finality is taken.

D. The land is mainly uncultivated; certain sections have been worked primitively by local sharecroppers. The only reason for the lack of cultivation is the laziness of the Arabs, who leave desolate several fertile areas. This is as Chazal said on the pasuk in the section of rebuke: "Your enemies who live on it will be desolate on it" (Vayikra 26:32). Chazal say this is good tidings for Israel, that the non-Jews will not find satisfaction in the Land of Israel. Thank G-d, the time has come to turn the curse into blessing.

E. Now I will address the matter of a detailed plan for settling the land. This is a major undertaking even for one type of people, all the more so for many types. It is necessary to gather several experts, each for his area of expertise. Since things can sometimes still arise and ruin plans, we should postpone [the planning stage] until the representatives come and see everything with their own eyes. From our side, we intend to stand by their side and do whatever we can for this holy purpose, with divine assistance. There is a particular difference in preparing a plan for men who come alone, leaving their family abroad until they are settled in the Land, and between those who come with their family. There are also certainly differences in the material, economic, and spiritual situation of the various families. This should all be clarified when your respected representatives arrive and will know things by seeing them.

F. The normal budget to settle an average family that wants to come together and live off cultivating its own land, including agricultural equipment, is approximately 1,200 francs. The matter is variable for those who want to plant orchards.

The above is what I was able to learn; I thought it proper to share with you. I hope this information suffices to send the representatives, after whose arrival we can begin real work. The blessed Rock of Israel, who opens for His nation the gates of salvation on His holy soil, shall shine His countenance upon us and give success to all our steps in the holy path upon which we begin to travel. This shall bring happiness to the ears of all who are captivated by hope and look toward Hashem’s salvation of His nation in its homeland, speedily in our days.

It is unlikely that we will be able to lower the price, as the asking price is low, considering market prices for land in the Holy Land these days. Certainly, we will try to lower it if at all possible. The important thing is the aspiration for the holy goal – the settlement of our dear brethren, from the scattered Diaspora to our Desired Land.

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