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Why is the night of Shavuot called "Tikun Leil Shavuot?"


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Iyar 20 5783
The word Tikkun means "fixing" or "repairing." By learning Torah deep into the night on Shavuot & spending less time sleeping, we "fix" two flaws that occurred at the original Matan Torah at Har Sinai:

1) Instead of eagerly anticipating the giving of the Torah, many people complacently went to sleep early!

2) At Har Sinai, says one Midrash, we wanted to accept only the written Torah. Hashem had to lift the mountain over our heads & threaten us before we would also accept the Oral Law. By concentrating on studying Talmud in our Shavuot learning we are showing our acceptance of Torah sheh B’al Peh.

The Zohar notes that Shavuot represents the wedding day of Am Yisrael the Kalla & HaKodesh Baruch Hu, the Chatan. Our hours of Torah study during Shavuot constitute the valuable "dowry" that we bring into the marriage!
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