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What are the special prayers of Pesach?


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Nissan 5783
Pesach begins this Wednesday night; Seder begins at nightfall. We recite Hallel each day of Pesach (full Hallel on the 1st day; half-Hallel the other days). We read from 2 Torahs each day of Pesach. The Prayer for Dew (Tefilat Tal) is said 1st day Pesach; we then stop saying "Mashiv HaRuach" & begin saying Morid HaTal. We begin counting Sefirat HaOmer on Thursday night & we continue each night until the day before Shavuot (the Omer may be counted with a bracha from 17 minutes after sunset). We also begin saying "v’tayn bracha" in the Amida. On Shabbat Chol Hamoed, we say an abbreviated Kabbalat Shabbat; Shir HaShirim is recited during the day. After Shabbat, a regular Havdala is recited.

Tuesday night (April 12) is 7th day Pesach. Many recite Shirat HaYam at night (by water, if at all possible) to commemorate the Splitting of the Sea; it is also read as the day’s Torah portion. Yizkor is recited (in chu"l, it’s said on the 8th day); it can be said at home without a minyan, as well.
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