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What Is The Power Of A Bracha?


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Cheshvan 29 5783
In our Sedra, there is an intense competition between Yakov & Esav to be granted the "better" bracha of their father Yitzchak. But what is so crucial about receiving a bracha? The root of the word, B-R-CH connects to 2 other words: berech, & b’reycha. "Berech" means "knee." By figuratively bending our knee to Hashem, we acknowledge that He is the source of all blessing, & so we are appealing to Him to grant it. Similarly, "b’reycha" means "pool," implying that the blessings "drip down" to us from G-d’s heavenly pool of brachot. While no individual has a "lock" on G-d, we are all beloved in the eyes of Hashem & we believe that G-d hears our prayers, & so our pleas on behalf of others do have influence & power. That is why the Gemara says we should never dismiss the blessing of any person; King David was blessed by a simple farmer that a plague should stop, while Daniel was blessed by a non-Jew that he should be protected in the lions’ den, & both wishes were granted.
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