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Parashat Ha'azinu


Rabbi Ronald Wachtel


Moshe’s "song" to the people of Israel is intended to convey a recognition of the total harmony of creation. While its verses contain a mix of past, present and future events, to Moshe these serve to further clarify the covenant between God and the Jewish people and the belief system that is essential to its fulfillment.

During the past two hundred years of Jewish life, our people have continuously had their emunah tested through their being subjected to non-stop worldwide enmity and anti-Semitism including Czarist persecution, the Holocaust, Communism and Stalin’s attempt to eradicate the Jews and, for most of the past sixty years here in Israel, continual Arab wars and terrorism. Throughout this period, our Jewish men and women have demonstrated so much bravery - specifically spiritual bravery - and invincible dedication to God , his Torah and his mitzvot. They sought guidance in halakha and solace in Torah study. As my mara d’atra, Harav Berel Wein put it so well in his recent Shabbat Nachamu message, "one must be impressed and stand in wonder at the resiliency and strength of commitment and tenacity of survival of the Jewish people and the State of Israel."

I believe that one of the opening verses in Ha'azinu provides the belief system which has enabled us to remain totally devoted to our faith in God. "A G-d of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and right is He." Why is it that we as a people have always been optimistic about our future? Why is that in all of the public surveys during the recent crisis in Eretz Israel, the overwhelming majority of people interviewed were unified in their support of our country’s efforts and hopeful of their outcome? The answer lies in the fact that God has and continues to make certain that we are ultimately triumphant over our enemies and able to survive as a people dedicated to the fulfillment of his Torah in the land which He promised would be our home.

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