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Igrot Hare’aya – Letters of Rav Kook #107

Improving New Yishuv More Practical than Alternatives


Beit Din Eretz Hemda - Gazit

Tamuz 7 5782
Date and Place: 3 Shevat 5668, Yafo

Recipient: Rav Eliyahu Meir Feivelson. Rav Feivelson had just been appointed rabbi of Kupishok (after having been rabbi of Krok). He was a prominent writer in the Agudos Yisroel movement.

Body: It brought joy to my heart to receive your letter, which mentioned in passing that you moved, for the better, to a new community; may it be very successful. May the light of your Torah and pure fear of Hashem shine with great honor and strength. May we have the merit of seeing each other, together with your flock, when Hashem brings joy, when the liberator will come to Zion, and "those liberated by Hashem will return and will come to Zion with a song of praise" (Yeshayahu 51:11).

The idea to establish a settlement of G-d-fearing people, with a true spirit of Torah and fear of Hashem, is lofty and powerful. Recently one of the Chasidic leaders began to get involved in such a project, and he came here. I provided him support with all the desire of my heart, writing a formal letter to try to build the project’s foundation. However, I am doubtful whether the matter will reach fruition, because of the weakness of resolve, in our great iniquity, specifically concerning those who fear Hashem.

The words of the Vilna Gaon are known in this matter (see Even Shleima 8:10), that those who are involved in matters for noble reasons are not as diligent as those who are involved in them for ulterior motives. The reason is that the involvement of physical gain adds impetus. Thank G-d, regarding settlement of Eretz Yisrael, there is a "fire" produced by the simple people, even though it is with a low flame. Still, since they place before themselves just immediate benefit, individually or communally, they are more diligent in their work. In contrast, those whose thoughts float through the heaven, unfortunately act with weakness. May Hashem give those who look to Him renewed strength.

Our desire to accomplish great things, such as entirely new communities in Eretz Yisrael, should not cause us to give up on smaller but more attainable accomplishments. Specifically, I refer to the strengthening of the religious element of the New Yishuv. Thank G-d, there are many Torah scholars and G-d-fearing people in every settlement. The [lacking in religiosity] is not as bad as people exaggerate in the Diaspora, but it still requires improvement.

The best remedy is that when Hashem will help us, we will establish a special, advanced yeshiva for the New Yishuv. This will affect many people, and it will show them that they have a connection to Torah. Obviously, such a yeshiva will need to be supported from a material perspective, on one hand, and receive an influx of fear of Hashem, on the other hand. Then even the New Yishuv can be a place in which we will truly be fit to be proud within the settlement of Eretz Yisrael. The mitzva of settling the Land will be fulfilled properly, and everything will be done with holy purity.

The attacks on a religious lifestyle are strengthened specifically when people shout that in the old-style schools there is no spirit to deal with a livelihood and national reinvigoration. When that problem will be remedied, they will not have what to complain about, and the side of those who fear Hashem will be elevated, and the Jewish community of Eretz Yisrael will be eminently fit to deserve divine compassion to hasten the true national redemption.
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