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קטגוריה משנית
To dedicate this lesson
According to UN figures, 120,000,000 women and girls are missing in the world, mainly in the Far East. Since by nature, boys and girls are born into the world in almost equal numbers and there should not be such a gap, there is a man-made reason for the difference; the abortions by parents who only want sons, and not daughters. Do you believe that these abortions are moral in terms of a woman's sacred right over her body? And what would you say about a woman who takes the life of her fetus because she wants to complete a degree, buy a car or travel abroad? Where is the boundary?

In ancient Greece and Rome, "Medea" became a goddess after she murdered her two sons in the name of the woman's sacred right to take revenge on her husband. In ancient Greece and Rome, philosophers thought that it was permissible for parents to throw living babies into the garbage; it was not possible to require parents to raise unwanted children. "In the name of the sacred right of parents to their home and property."

In Arab countries, the girls would be buried alive. They need fighters in tribal battles and girls are not good for this, it is a pity to raise them in vain. In Japan, they would do this more gently, the midwife would place a wet cloth over the nose of the unwanted child until it choked to death. This was referred to by the code word "dilution", just like it is euphemistically called today, "abortion".

There are those who think that the murder of a fetus is murder in every respect, whether you call it dilution or abortion. The baby boy or girl has a feeling heart and a thinking brain. They have arms and legs and they move them at will. They have the right to life like any other living being. Although they cannot open their mouths, it is forbidden to kill them even if done gently while wearing white coats.

There are those who say that a woman's right to her body precedes the life of the fetus and even precedes democracy. The US Supreme Court has ruled that under the Constitution, elected officials in any of the 50 states, are allowed to make a decision that says that it is forbidden to murder living fetuses. In the opinion of US Supreme Court justices, the dictator is one who wishes to prohibit elected officials from representing public opinion.

On the other hand, all kinds of progressive people believe that the opinion of these judges is not legitimate. All of them alike expressed shock at the ruling of the US Supreme Court and told everyone that the US Supreme Court belongs to Trump's "dark forces", they explained that the Supreme Court made a non-legitimate ruling and moved the US back fifty years.

Do not be impressed by all these progressives who go back two thousand years to the dark years of Greece and Rome, you have the absolute right to think that life is sacred. That murder is primitive. You have the right to say out loud that life is more important than a trip to the US, a new car, or a master's degree. You have the right to think that killing a fetus is a primitive, and not enlightened, progress.

Do not let all the reformists and progressives confuse your values. Don't let the media engineer your mind, don't let your healthiest feelings be confused. Believe in life. Believe in values. Express your opinion openly, publicize your opinion, it is the most legitimate opinion in the world, it is pro-life.
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