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Rebuke Wrapped in Candy

What was the sweetest slap you ever recieved?


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Adar I 27 5782
A Safed resident approached Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Hacham Mordechai's son and the current chief rabbi of Safed, with a story about Hacham Mordechai. He had been in Hacham Mordechai's Torah class and, once, he did something so out of place that he deserved a severe censure.
Indeed, Rabbi Eliyahu called him over, rebuked him, and even raised his hand, giving him something between a slap and a caress. With his other hand, Rabbi Eliyahu presented him with a candy. "Take it and make a blessing."

"I have received more than a few reprimands and smacks in my life," the man said. "But I never received a rebuke that affected me like the one I'd gotten from Rabbi Eliyahu. He knew how to deliver a rebuke with such love and care; it touched the deepest, most inner parts of my being."
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