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קטגוריה משנית
To dedicate this lesson
We know that the coronavirus is a disease, and that it's not good for us. But our body cells do not know that the omicron is their enemy, so they allow the omicron virus to penetrate them and control them, enslaving them to produce billions more of other viruses that will disperse and infect hundreds of thousands of other cells in the body and possibly in the bodies of other people, too.

How can it be that I am aware of the danger of the omicron and the cells of my body don't know this yet? The answer is that my body isn't me. My body is only like a garment, as our Sages learned from the verse "You have clothed me with skin and flesh, and knit me together with bones and sinews." (Job 10, 11). The skin and the flesh, the tendons and bones are like changeable apparel, and they are not my true self. It is also written in the Torah on the oil of anointment "on the flesh of man it shall not be poured" [Exodus 30, 32] This means that the flesh belongs to the man, and it is not the person himself.

As well as changing clothing the body changes and renews itself all the time, over 100 million body cells die and are replaced every minute in our body. The billions of dead cells that were a part of me in the past and today they're dust aren't the real "me". The "real me" – that is my soul, which is why there there's a gap between what I know and what my body knows.

In the end, the body also understands what we understand from the beginning. And then it will heal itself much better than any doctor. It will initially send the scouts of the immune system, cells which are now called NK - Natural Killer - an inherent exterminator. These cells recognize with astonishing genius the infected cells, drill a hole in them and eliminate them. Afterwards the cells themselves learn to recognize the viruses and do not allow the viruses to enter the cells and to use them to reproduce and to damage the body.

Even the vaccine which was developed with extreme effort does not really cure the disease. It only speeds up the schooling of the body's cells to recognize the disease at an earlier stage, but really everything is built on the supreme wonder which God created in our body. The ability to cure diseases. Actually, that's the way it is in all diseases, whether a minor wound or a bone fracture. The cast does not restore the bone, it is only designed to give the body the opportunity to adhere the broken bones better.

Healing is therefore a part of the miraculous creation of God, and doctors only help this process to take place. This is an opportunity to thank God for the great wonder of the marvelous creation of the body. Truly the Healer of all flesh, Who performs wondrous deeds.
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