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Why Do We Constantly Highlight the Exodus?


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Shvat 4 5782
Our Sedra ends with Hashem telling Am Yisrael about the Mitzva of Tefilin. He says that the Tefilin shel Yad serves to remind us that He took us out of Egypt with a strong hand. Thus this Mitzva – unlike almost all the rest – is given before we receive the Torah! It is meant to accentuate the crucial importance of the Exodus, which is also featured in our Tefilot, in the Kiddush each Shabbat & Chag, & in the Birkat HaMazon. Why is Yetziat Mitzrayim so vital? First, it highlights the fact that G-d will go to any lengths – even changing the course of nature – in order to guard & redeem us. It also sends the message that Hashem is the G-d of Justice, who cannot tolerate innocent people being oppressed & subjugated by others. Most importantly, it is a dramatic proof that Hashem did not just create the world & let it run by itself with no Heavenly direction. Hashem is prepared to intervene in history & alter the affairs of Mankind when He deems it necessary – particularly as it affects the Jewish People.
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