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Where Did the Custom of Weekday Torah Readings Originate?


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Tishrei 23 5782
By tradition, Moshe decreed in the desert that the Torah should be read Mon, Thurs. & Shabbat afternoon, so no more than 3 days should pass without studying Torah. Why these specific days? 2 ideas: Moshe went up on Har Sinai to receive the Luchot on a Thurs. & came down on a Monday, making these days special. Also, the pasuk, "Seek Hashem b’himatzo" – where He may be found - can be translated, "On Bet & Hey He is found!" Others suggest that Mon. & Thurs. were traditionally market days, & more people were available to hear the Torah then. Shabbat afternoon had more time, & adding the Torah reading was a way for people to gainfully use that time. Ezra ruled that only 3 people should be given Aliyot on these days, so as not to overburden the Kehila. A minimum of 10 p’sukim are read, reminiscent of the 10 Commandments.
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