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What Are the Laws & Customs of the Upcoming Sukkot Holiday?


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Tishrei 9 5782
Sukkot begins this Mon. night, Sep. 20. Torah reading for Sukkot on 1st day (Tues) is from Emor; Chol HaMoed readings are from Pinchas. Sukkot tefilot include: full Hallel, Hoshanot & waving of the Lulav in Hallel (E-S-W-N then up & down is the main custom). Tefilin (at least in Israel) are not worn. On Fri. night Chol HaMoed, Kabbalat Shabbat is abridged; Kiddush & dinner are in the Sukka. Arba Minim are not taken on Shabbat.

Sun. night-Monday is Hoshana Raba. Many stay awake & study all night. Morning Tefila includes 7 processions with the Lulav & Hoshanot, beating the willow 5 times. In Israel, Tues. (Oct. 29)is Shmini Azeret - Simchat Torah. Candles & Kiddush include Shehecheyanu. We no longer use the Sukka. Tefila includes 7 Hakafot, dancing w/Sifrei Torah night & day; aliyot to all; Yizkor, & Tefilat Geshem (Mashiv Ha-Ruach begins).

(Outside of Israel, Shmini Atzeret - when Yizkor is said - is Tuesday, Sep. 28; Simchat Torah is Wed. Sep. 29)
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