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How to Fast on Yom Kippur?


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Tishrei 3 5782
Fasting is not meant as a punishment; it is in itself a form of Teshuva, allowing us to concentrate on our spiritual, rather than physiological side on this one unique day. To safely prepare: On erev YK drink at least 8 full glasses of water; avoid caffeinated beverages; increase starch & fiber intake (e.g. whole-grain cereals or bread, pasta, rice, potatoes); decrease protein intake, & avoid salty foods (lox, pretzels, fried foods, etc). Suggested menu for Seuda Ha'Maf'seket (the pre-fast meal) might include: Boiled, grilled or baked chicken; steamed or raw vegetables, beans, lentils, fresh fruit (such as plums); cake or bread. Also highly recommended: Bubby Brown’s kasha recipe (see below), guaranteed to keep you from being hungry for at least 25 hours! Pregnant or nursing mothers: Ask your Rav for parameters of fasting & remember, health always comes first! (Fast ends in Ra’anana at 7:22 pm). To all a safe & meaningful Tzom.
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