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Shmitta- A Concise Review Of All the Practical Laws For Your Kitchen and Yard

With our recent return to the Land of Israel, Shmitta has once again returned to the agenda of being a practical mitzva! The many laws & practical applications practiced every 7th year, as well as the many different approaches, can be confusing, especially for those of us who did not grow up in Israel. This "crash course" comes to remind the forgotten & simplify an entire year of additional mitzvot and halachot regarding almost everything that we will eat, in an easy & understandable way, focusing on the consumer's guide to how to buy and run a Shmitta-kosher kitchen, and what is or isn't allowed in our backyard & flower-pots. Please pass this link on to your friends who may be in need of this neatly-packaged summary & review.


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Elul 16 5781
82 min listen
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