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The “3 Weeks” Are Coming: What Do I Do?


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Tammuz 13 5781
Sunday begins the 3 weeks ("Bein Ham'tzarim") from 17 Tamuz - 9 Av, commemorating the breach of Jerusalem & the eventual destruction of the city & both the 1st & 2nd Batei Mikdash. Other tragedies which also occurred on the 17th of Tamuz include the breaking by Moshe of the 1st set of Luchot & the suspension of the daily offerings in the Bet HaMikdash. In order to limit our Simcha during these 3 weeks, we do not have weddings; we avoid live music; we do not take haircuts; & we refrain from saying the Shehecheyanu blessing on new fruits or clothes (except on Shabbat). All types of food & drink may be eaten until the 9 Days, when mourning intensifies & we then refrain from eating meat & wine. Engagements, however, are allowed in the 3 Weeks, as are all Seudot Mitzvot (e.g. brit, Pidyon Ha-ben) with full meals. Sunday’s fast begins (in Ra’anana) at 4:09 am & ends at 8:11 pm. May we see the Bet HaMikdash rebuilt in our days! (Note: Above is the Ashkenaz custom).
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