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Igrot Hare’aya #24

Organizing a Prayer at the Kotel


Beit Din Eretz Hemda - Gazit

Sivan 8 5781
Date and Place: 13 Elul 5665 (1905), the holy city of Yafo

Recipient: My friend, the great rabbi, wise and knowledgeable, a man of desirable qualities in Torah, fear of Hashem, and everything desirable, our master Rav Michel Tukechinsky, shlita, may he be blessed with peace.

Body: After inquiring about your welfare with great love. I received a letter of request from Russia, that ten people should pray before the Western Wall, may it be rebuilt speedily in our days, on Tuesday of Parashat Nitzavim-Vayeilech, 19 Elul, on behalf of Yitzchak the son of Yosef and his wife, Leah the daughter of Hendel. They request that Hashem grant them children, who should become fine and worthy people who serve Hashem, that they should have life and sustenance without difficulties, and that they should be blessed with all the blessings that are mentioned in the blessing of the kohanim, according to all of the explanations of the blessings.

They should also pray for his father, Yosef, who should win his court case that is scheduled for that day and be relieved of the burden they want to place upon him. Also, Yosef and all of the Jews of Ponevitch, who are being oppressed by the abusive Czar, should be saved from the evil gentile who hates them, is their enemy, and "eats their flesh."

The requester asked that those who pray should be people connected to Torah. He said he would send 18 marks, which should be used for candles to be lit in honor of the soul of Rabbi Meir, the miracle man, and the rest should be distributed among those who come to pray. If money remains, it should go to worthy, poor people.

The letter implies that he thinks that I will be in Jerusalem on that day, but it does not seem that it will work out for me to be in the holy city of Jerusalem, may it be built firmly, on that day. Therefore, I think the requester will be happy if the ten people will be Torah scholars from the yeshiva (Etz Chaim). I am not responsible for the money, but I do know the requester, who is a wealthy and distinguished man, who is connected to Torah and is a fearer of Hashem, and I certainly expect that he will keep his word. Therefore, if your honor would send ten of the yeshiva’s students, may they live, to do what was asked and beseech Hashem for mercy on those who are asking, then when the money will come, I will G-d willing, send it to you to distribute it as you see fit.
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