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The Halacha Named for a Thief!

What Halachic principle is, strangely, named after a thief?


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Iyar 25 5781
What Halachic principle is, strangely, named after a thief?
When cooking on erev Shabbat for Friday night dinner, we are permitted to let the food continue cooking in the oven, into Shabbat, as long as it is edible by the time Shabbat begins. But what is considered "edible?" Chazal fixed the amount at being at least one-third (some say one-half) cooked. This amount of time is called "ben Drusai." Who was this Drusai? He was a well-known robber, who apparently ate his food very quickly, perhaps because he was always on the run from the police! There is another opinion which says that the word "Drusai" is actually a reference not to a single person, but to the community of the Druzim, who were known to prefer eating food that was under-cooked. Thus, even though we don’t normally eat food in this fashion, it is sufficient that some other people do, to set this at the minimum level of cooking.
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