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What did the Chafetz Chaim demand from the person who asked to join him in heaven? did he agree?


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Adar 16 5781
"Layihudim hayta ora..." Shlomo hummed to himself as he walked. Indeed, he truly felt that he had light and gladness. True, the Megilla that he had heard that morning described Achashverosh’s elaborate party, but nothing could possibly be as royal as the feast he was about to attend! There would be no golden vessels or marble pillars, but could anything compare to a Purim meal in the presence of the Chafetz Chaim himself?!
Shlomo eagerly took his seat at the table, and listened in rapt attention, as the Chafetz Chaim began to share insights into the meaning of the day. The sheer pleasure of the holy words, along with a generous quantity of wine, brought Shlomo to new heights of exultation. Before long, Shlomo was convinced. This was where he wanted to stay! For eternity!
As the effects of the alcohol wore down any remaining inhibition, Shlomo made his way toward the head of the table. He grasped the arm of the Chafetz Chaim and called out "Rabbi! Rabbi, promise me that I will be in your company in the World to Come!"
A sudden silence descended on the room, as all eyes turned to head of the table. The Chafetz Chaim sat silently, his arm still in Shlomo’s grip. Not to be deterred, Shlomo insisted "Rabbi, I will not let you go until you promise me that I will join you in the World to Come!"
The guests sat with bated breath, as Shlomo maintained his position, even as the sun began its descent on the horizon. "We have no choice. We have to daven mincha!" one of the guests sighed.
Finally, the Chafetz Chaim spoke. "Shlomo, you can join me in the World to Come, if you agree to this. You must promise that you will never speak lashon hara (gossip), from this point on."
Shlomo froze, as the seriousness of the situation overcame him. All present waited for Shlomo’s response. Without a word, Shlomo returned to his seat.
The assembled once again focused on the Chafetz Chaim, as he sighed "what a lost opportunity! The gates of Heaven were open before him, and he refused to enter!"
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