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When Shabbat & Sukkot Coincide


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Tishrei 12 5781
Question: When shabbat & sukkot coincide, what is done with the lulav & etrog?

Answer: This year the Arba Minim (4 Species) are not taken on 1st day YomTov, which is Shabbat (in fact, they are muktze - except for the Etrog - & should not be moved). So we wait until Sunday to take them for the first time (the Mitzva is thus a Rabbinic one rather than a Biblical commandment) & we recite the Shehecheyanu then. Women are not obligated in the Lulav, but do fulfill an optional Mitzva by taking it. One may make a gift of his Lulav to another person so that he can fulfill the Mitzva, even stipulating that it be returned when he finishes with it.

In order to best keep the Hadasim & Aravot fresh, one should wrap them in plastic or foil, with a wet napkin inside, & place them in the fridge when they are not being used. Since the Lulav is not used on Shabbat, the Hoshanot prayer ("Om N'tzora") is said without the usual encircling of the Bimah (when shuls are open!).
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