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Just Desserts


Michael Rothschild

Iyar 26 5780
3 min watch
Let me tell you a great story. A couple in eretz yisroel has a large family. They covered the bills but didn’t have anything left over for extras. Who does these days? One of the things that they never did was believe it or not-eat in a restaurant. I know for Americans this is a hard concept to relate to but I guess they didn’t want to go into debt with credit cards since they didn’t have the money. Weird no!

Anyway they went on a family drive up to Teveria. When they got there one of the children really needed the bathroom. So this fellow found a restaurant and the father went in with his son and asked the maidredee if they could use the bathroom which she happily agreed to. As they were coming out of the bathroom the owner of the restaurant spotted them and starts screaming at them, why do you come take advantage of my bathrooms, I pay rent and electricity! What a chutzpah! The man says-what do you mean? We came to eat in your restaurant. (he had gone to a restaurant that he was sure had a good hashgacha for maris ayin) So the owner realizes that he screamed at a customer and he's thoroughly embarrassed. The man turns to his son "go to the car and tell the family that we're eating lunch here. The son goes out to the car with the astounding news and the wife and 8 startled children troop into the restaurant to see first hand what could possibly have happened to their father.

They sit down and the waiter brings menus, the man almost has a heart attack when he sees the prices but he smiles amiably and the family orders. When they are almost finished their meal the waiter starts bringing over the most magnificent desserts the man tells them, "Excuse me! There must be some mistake we didn't order dessert." The waiter continues serving the deserts and says "I just work here, see the maitredee. " The man seeks out the maitredee and finds her crying by the maitredees desk. Excuse me miss I didn’t order the desserts and so she said "No,you don’t understand, I saw the boss yell at you and I understood that you didn't want me to be screamed at so you made up that you were eating here. I know you only did it so I wouldn't get hurt, no one ever did something like that for me in my entire life. Believe me the desserts are on the house but when the family was ready to leave and they brought them the bill the man looks at the total and sees that the total is crossed out and written next to it are the words in this restaurant "we don’t charge angels".

Today be an angel. Make sure you don’t cause anyone to get hurt.
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