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"HaDor"- Rav Kook on Understanding Our Generation

The Rebellion Against Religion, the Haredim & What's the Solution?

Rav Kook's classic "Ma'amar HaDor" is summarized here in one lecture, explaining the animosity between the factions in Israel. We return to the roots of the rebellious Zionist youth movements and the conservative reaction of the religious leadership in Europe. Rav Kook suggests that the rebellious sons in their idealism and Zionist revival, are even more religious than their parents on these issues. Their rebellion isn't against religion but against galut, and that's a revolution whose time has come: the redemption. The solution is to return to the original Torah which 1) is religious-Zionist and 2) includes learning the entire & broad Torah, including Tanach, Emuna, philosophy, hassidut, mussar, and Zionism, and not exclusively Talmud. We also deal with the question why these appealing aspects of Torah, were neglected for so long.


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Nissan 4 5780
47 min listen
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