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Condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 9:74-75

A Great Person Picking Up the Returning Light


Various Rabbis

Tishrei 8 5780
A Great Person Picking Up the Returning Light
Condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 9:74

Moshe merited to receive all of the [crowns], for it says right after [the matter of removal of the jewels]: "Moshe would take the tent …" Shemot 33:7).

Ein Ayah: Spiritual "colors" that spread in the souls of man differ in clarity according to the level of every individual who is prepared to have such a flow of light reveal itself. In regard to the lofty level accorded to those who accepted the Torah, everything emerged from the great light of Hashem’s lofty wisdom, which dwelled in the great soul of the master of prophets, the teacher of all of Israel (Moshe).

The highest quality is the light that reaches its deepest root and remains concealed. Its nature and value are inestimable. These were the types of colors in the heart and soul of every individual in Bnei Yisrael. The colors appeared as branches extending from the source of the light. They could not have received their colors in the high place that the choicest person was able to.

When this light was withdrawn due to sin, the light did not disappear; it actually returned to its source. This brought about a situation in which there was an increased recognition, desire, and energy that exceeds that which the nature of a normal person can imagine. This increase needed to be in the soul of the greatest prophet to compensate for the lacking that came to the world and the light that dimmed. The branches that were separated from the places to which they spread returned to their place. Since there was such an abundance of available light, it entered Moshe’s soul for safekeeping until Hashem’s light will be able to blossom and flower in Israel (see Yeshayahu 27:6). As the gemara said, Moshe merited and received the crowns.

Light in Hiding
Condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 9:75

Hashem will return all [of the crowns] to us, as it says: "Those redeemed by Hashem will return and come to Zion with joy, with eternal happiness on their heads. Rejoicing and happiness will they achieve, and torment and disappointment will flee" (Yeshayahu 35:10) – the happiness of the distant past is on their heads (i.e., the crowns).

Ein Ayah: That which is embedded deep in the essential nature of a matter will not be eradicated as long as the matter has staying power. The internal, natural essence of Israel is the light of Hashem in their souls. Eternal happiness is the delicate internal sanctity that comes from the divine glow and the appearance of the highest manifestations of Hashem that man can grasp and use to strengthen him. This holy element within Israel was singularly defined and noticeable in Moshe, whereas throughout the generations, individuals in Israel had to develop and cultivate it.

Undoubtedly, we cannot lose our natural positive content permanently; rather, it just hides for an extended period of time. The many waves that pass over our heads, the persecution, and dangers are special national learning experiences that will cause a grand transformation at the End of Days. They will join together to return us to our natural qualities and enable us to embrace the light of repentance. The high level we reached when we said "na’aseh v’nishmah" will return to us when Hashem’s nation will be rebuilt to bring light to the world and be Hashem’s glory. This return is the happiness of old on their heads.
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