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Beit Midrash Series Ein Ayah

(Condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 8:11

Hashem Said "Stop" for Good Reasons

Why does a camel have a short tail? Because it eats thorns.
Various RabbisTevet 5 5779
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Gemara: Why does a camel have a short tail? Because it eats thorns.

Ein Ayah: There is a sort of unity in the wisdom of creation, which is responsible for the creation, the sustaining, and the nourishing of different species. That which caused an animal to be created in a certain manner also plays a role in its life in the future, including the way in which it provides food for itself. This even causes the process of creation to halt, for the right reason, as Hashem said to his world: "That is enough" (see Chagiga 12a), when this will help in the species’ existence in the future.

It is true that animals often have a good use for tails, and creation sees to it that a tail grows along with its fur. However, since a camel needs to graze amidst the thorns, it was prevented from having its tail grow to normal size, as the tail would get stuck among the thorns.
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