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Withheld Payment During Financial Crisis

The plaintiff (=pl) worked for a yeshiva (=def) for a monthly wage of 3,500 shekels plus an 800 shekel travel allowance. When one of def’s main rabbis died, def entered difficult financial times, and salaries were not paid in full. Def decided to cut all salaries by 500 shekels, to which pl agreed, and later def and pl decided that he would not continue working there. While those who continue teaching are receiving some payments, pl received no back pay once he left the job. Pl is demanding 33,371 shekels in back pay, 8,500 shekels for severance pay, and 41,871 as penalty for late payment. Def agrees in principle to the first two payments, but is not sure how they will be able to make the payments in practice.


Various Rabbis

Nisan 22 5777
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