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Parsha summary:B’har


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

The Sedra of B'Har deals primarily with Shmita & Yovel. Every 7 years, Hashem commands the Land to rest, as the usual cycle of planting & harvesting is interrupted. Hashem promises a special blessing so that we will have enough to eat for 3 years, even when the fields lie fallow.

In the 50th year of Yovel, land reverts back to its original owner; slaves are freed & debts are canceled.

We are commanded to assist the poor thru various methods of tzedaka & chesed, helping them to ultimately help themselves. We may not charge interest on loans to fellow Jews. We are to observe Shabbat & shun idolatry. We may not oppress others, by word or deed, inc. referring to a convert's past life.

Haftora: Yechezkel 32, "Vayomer Yirmiyahu."

(Note: Outside of Israel, Parshat Emor is read this Shabbat. Next Shabbat, we read B’Chukotai in Israel, while the double-portion B’Har-B’Chukotai is read outside of Israel. We will all be together on Parshat Bamidbar in 2 weeks; a fitting gesture of unity just before Shavuot, when we accepted the Torah as one person, with one heart!)

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