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An Overview of the Torah Portion

Parsha Summary: Nitzavim-vayelech


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Our double-Sedra on this last Shabbat of 5774 begins as Moshe gathers the Jewish People one final time before he dies to reaffirm our eternal covenant with G-d. Moshe tells the nation that, ultimately, all Jews will return to the Land and the promise of Moshiach will be fulfilled. Torah & Mitzvot are accessible to all who truly desire them; therefore choose Life.

In Vayelech, Moshe bids his People farewell on the last day of his life. At Hakhel, the nation gathers each 7 years to hear the King read sections of the Torah. Yehoshua is told to copy over the Torah & become leader of the nation. Moshe exhorts the people to stay faithful to the Torah. Haftora: Yeshayahu 61.
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