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Beit Midrash Torah Portion and Tanach Vayakhel

An Overview of the Torah Portion

Parsha Summary: Vayakhel

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Moshe exhorts Bnei Yisrael to keep Shabbat, & requests donations for the construction of the Mishkan. He collects gold, silver, precious stones, animal skins & yarn, incense & olive oil for the menorah & for anointing. The princes of each tribe bring the precious stones for the Kohen Gadol's breastplate and ephod.

Hashem appoints Betzalel – who is the ripe old age of 13! - & Oholiav as master craftsmen for building the Mishkan & its vessels. Bnei Yisrael contribute so much that Moshe refuses donations! Special curtains serve as the material for the Mishkan's roof & door. Gold-covered boards set in silver bases form the walls of the Mishkan.

Betzalel makes the Aron Hakodesh which contained the Tablets from wood, covered with gold inside & out. On the ark's cover were two small figures facing each other, wings arching over the ark. The Menora & shulchan with the show-breads were also made of gold. Two altars, for incense & offerings were made.
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